Turkish citizens traveling to Kos, with Green Passport, Gray Passport, Diplomatic Passport or with valid residence permit from any Schengen country are not required to obtain a visa. All other Turkish Passport holders must obtain a valid Schengen visa. Between April and October visa may be obtained at the gate (Bodrum). for Turkish and All Other Countries' passports that are required a Schengen visa. Following documents should be delivered to Bodrum Express Lines Office 4 days prior to planned departure.


1. Fully completed Visa application form

2. 1 photo

3. Copy of an I.D.

4. Copy of Passport ( If there are, copies of previous Schengen Visas should be presented.)

5. Proof of confirmed return ticket from our company. www.onlineferibot.com

6. 55 euro visa fee

7. Copy of a confirmed hotel booking ( not applicable for daily trips.)