Located on the Eastern Aegean Sea, Chios is a large island with authentic character.  Chios Island is known for its picturesque landscape, and also for the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and sparse rainfalls in the summer. Although there are many adorable beaches to relax, Chios island is mostly famous for its Medieval villages. Pyrgi and Olympi distingush for the special architecture with the black and white geometric designs on the external walls, the narrow paved path and the fortification look. A drive along the inland will bring you to few ghost villages, Medieval Castles and Byzantine Monasteries, such as the Monastery of Nea Moni and Agia Markella, the protector of the island. The Island is also famous for the mastic production. The main local products are mastic, citrus fruits, olive oil, figs and wine. Chios mastic is a unique product. Apart from the local agricultural products, Chios is famous for its maritime tradition. A lot of Chiots work in the Merchant Navy sector whereas some of the most important Greek shipping companies have been founded by families that come from the island. The town of Chios, called “Chora” by the locals, is the capital of the island.

There is ferry connection between Chios in Greece and the cosmopolitan resort of Çeşme,Izmir in Turkey. It takes almost 30 minustes by catamarans and 1 hours by ferryboats.

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